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Return to Balance, A climber's Journey package Return to Balance

This film examines the life of climbing legend Ron Kauk, who, through imagery and inspiring narration shares insights and stories of his life of climbing in Yosemite National Park.

Price: 19.95
Clouds of Grace package Clouds of Grace, Yosemite Water

This beautifully edited film, photographed over a period of 13 years, was shot entirely in Yosemite National Park.   The glorious waterfalls, pristine lakes, and sparkling streams, along with the immense rock mountains, create a deep sense of awe at Yosemite’s natural beauty.

Price: 19.95
Yosemite Through The Eyes of a Buffalo Soldier package Yosemite Through The Eyes of a Buffalo Soldier

We see Yosemite through the eyes of this Black Indian from South Carolina and feel his growing affection for this new world. The film blazes a trail to an important history that was nearly lost, and provides an opportunity to ride with the Buffalo Soldiers through the Range of Light.

Price: 19.95